Our projects cover a diverse range of geographical requirements, from the marshaling and staging of materials in support of a project in Russia, to the management of material requirements for on-going clean fuels work in five refineries in the United States.

The video below is an example of how DistributionNOW can help you manage your unique project challenges:

We offer solutions to the acquisition, distribution, and logistics management required by international and engineering companies. From the mining industry in the Andes of South America, to the platforms and pipelines off the coast of West Africa, DistributionNOW has proven itself ready to meet the challenges of global projects.

Customer Focus

Our project management professionals have developed a strategy to support global projects by utilizing individual, project-specific teams and global sourcing centers, along with a variety of options for project support. Each customer's unique needs are evaluated, and activities are specifically designed for the particular project. This process allows us to streamline our approach in meeting each customer's requirements and prevents unnecessary costs normally associated with global projects.

Our project management group has dedicated space in our central distribution center for the staging, inspection, packaging, and marking of project materials. This area is focused on customer-specific requirements and has a dedicated quality assurance technician for additional inspections. Our commitment to dedicated project management resources continues with our expediting team, which coordinates logistics and ensures on-time delivery.

Our Processes in Action

Whether in the United States or in hundreds of countries around the world, we manage the entire project from the quotation stage to the delivery of materials. The most complex projects encompass a vast scope of materials, logistics, and execution requirements. DNOW's process effectively manages these challenges by leveraging teams of experienced personnel in diverse locations.

We set up the terms and staging of materials at multiple locations, minimizing freight costs wherever possible, and we can help our customers control spend through our planning and forecasting capabilities. We have developed long-term relationships with qualified mills and manufacturers from all corners of the globe to support the material requirements of the most exacting projects.


We will also control and manage all material documentation – mill test reports (MTR) and safety data sheets (SDS) – by line by project, stored electronically and able to be reviewed at any time by customer request. Our online MTR and SDS database is available in the Resource Center.